Gulf Journal of Mathematics (GJoM) is an international, open access mathematics journal issued under the patronage of Canadian University Dubai. The journal was established in 2013 and produces 4 issues per year in electronic format. GJoM publishes original research  articles and survey papers which offer a significant contribution to the mathematics literature, and which are of interest to a wide audience. The journal conducts a rigorous peer review and acceptance is based on positive feedback from the referees and the editor. The current acceptance rate for publication is 15%.

Aims and Scope

Gulf Journal of Mathematics aims to provide mathematicians with an effective platform for communicating important recent developments in their specializations. Our goal is to foster exchange of ideas and promote international collaboration in mathematics and related fields.

Coverage extends to all mainstream branches of pure and applied mathematics with emphasis on contributions that represent significant advances. Submissions from closely related fields including statistics, physics, mathematical finance, mathematics education, and others are considered on individual basis.

Editorial Policy

To be considered for GJoM, a paper has to be well written, original and not published or submitted, in whole or part, elsewhere. Well written survey articles of current interest by experts are also welcomed. Publication will be upon a positive recommendation from an expert in the main field of the paper. Manuscripts must be in clear, unambiguous and grammatically correct language.

Copyright and Licensing

For all articles published in GJoM, copyright is retained by the authors. Articles are licensed under an open access Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, meaning that anyone may download and read the paper for free. In addition, the article may be reused and quoted provided that the original published version is cited. These conditions allow for maximum use and exposure of the work, while ensuring that the authors receive proper credit.

Author fees

To maintain the journal operations, Article Processing Charge (APC) is payable by the authors upon the acceptance of the manuscript. We make every effort to minimize our processing cost. The curent APC is $95 USD. 

Publishing schedule

GJoM publishes two volumes per year. Each volume consists of two separate issues. 

Open Access

GJoM is an open access research journal. This means that the full texts of articles are freely available to users who may read, download, print, and redistribute them without a subscription.


All the issues of GJoM are archived in the library repository of Canadian University Dubai.

Journal Management

GJoM is self-published by the founding editors - Firuz Kamalov and Ho Hon Leung. It is maintained through the volunteer efforts of the managing editors, the editorial board, and the reviewers. The journal is affiliated with Canadian University Dubai.  

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