Gabor frames on finite non-cyclic Abelian groups

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Jineesh Thomas
N. M. Madhavan Namboothiri
T. C. Easwaran Nambudiri


We attempt to analyze Gabor frames for L2 spaces on finite non cyclic abelian groups from their natural perspectives and establish their equivalence with Gabor frames on the isomorphic product groups of finite cyclic groups by means of unitary and non unitary invertible linear transformations. Gabor frames and their canonical dual frames on finite non cyclic groups are identified as the images of the same Gabor frame on a finite product of finite cyclic groups under invertible linear transformations.


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Thomas, J., Namboothiri, N. M. M., & Nambudiri, T. C. E. (2024). Gabor frames on finite non-cyclic Abelian groups. Gulf Journal of Mathematics, 16(1), 215-222.