Extended centroid of hyperrings

  • Hasret Yazarli
  • Bijan Davvaz
  • Damla Yilmaz
Keywords: hyperring, prime hyperideal, extended centroid, derivation


In this paper, the notation of extended centroid is applied to hyperring. We show that the extended centroid C of a hyperring is a hyperfield. Also, we show that if a, bS such that axb = bxa for all xR, then there exists qC such that qa = b where R is a prime hyperring and S be the central closure of R. Finally we give some relations between the extended centroid and derivation in hyperring.

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Yazarli, H., Davvaz, B., & Yilmaz, D. (2020). Extended centroid of hyperrings. Gulf Journal of Mathematics, 8(1), 6-15. Retrieved from https://gjom.org/index.php/gjom/article/view/293