Evolution train algebras

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Moussa Ouattara
Souleymane Savadogo


Through this paper, we show that the criteria for real evolution algebra to be a baric algebra can be extended to any evolution algebra over a commutative field of characteristic ≠2. Then we prove that an evolution algebra E is a train algebra of rank r + 1 if and only if the kernel of its weight function is nil of nil-index r > 1. We also study special train evolution algebra and characterize idempotents, power-associativity and automorphism in evolution train algebra. Finally we classify up to dimension 5, indecomposable evolution nil-algebra of nil-index 4 that are not power-associative.

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Ouattara, M., & Savadogo, S. (2020). Evolution train algebras. Gulf Journal of Mathematics, 8(1), 37-51. Retrieved from https://gjom.org/index.php/gjom/article/view/299