Cryptosystem based on lattice and elliptic curve

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Abdelhakim Chillali
Mohammed Elhassani
Ali Mouhib


In this work, we propose a new way to use lattice theory to build a public key cryptosystem and digital signature scheme. This cryptosystem based on the approximate closest vector problem and the problem of the discrete logarithm on an elliptic curve defined on a finite local ring. At first, we choose a point on the elliptic curve and we will make the exchange of keys to the Diffie-Hellman. We transform the coordinates of this point into a matrix which gives us the private key which will serve us for encryption and decryption.

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Chillali, A., Elhassani, M., & Mouhib, A. (2020). Cryptosystem based on lattice and elliptic curve. Gulf Journal of Mathematics, 8(2), 27-34. Retrieved from